It’s more important than ever that healthcare organizations have the staffing support they need.

To combat the CoronaVirus (Covid-19) hospitals and other healthcare organizations need to maintain, if not increase, staffing during this pandemic. Reach active health workers, retired health workers and medical students through digital communications.

If your health system needs more staffing during this pandemic, Katon Direct can help you reach nurses, doctors and other health workers.


Reach U.S. health workers with direct and digital communications.

Find U.S. health workers who can help you on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak.

Katon Direct wants to help healthcare organizations and recruiters by connecting them to nurses, doctors and other health workers.

Medical Doctors
Retired Medical Doctors
Medical Students
Nursing Support Staff
Nursing Students
Retired Nurses

Katon Direct understands that healthcare recruiters are facing unprecedented challenges staffing during this
pandemic and in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Demand for healthcare professionals is at an all-time high
but there are not enough physicians, nurses and health workers to treat the upswell of new patients requiring care.

To help our clients find healthcare workers that can join them on the frontlines of the fight against the coronavirus, we
are providing digital marketing solutions that enable them to reach the people who can help them most. With over 16
years of experience, Katon Direct has the most comprehensive database of over 8 million healthcare professionals,
state-of-the-art recruitment marketing technologies and proven digital communication strategies.